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Frank Manzer & Associates is project oriented, concentrating only on your assignment until completion. We strive for ultimate efficiency by focusing on communication, coordination and competency. We serve our clients on a first come, first served basis.

In 36 years, we have acquired experience with a wide variety of property types ranging from a local apartment study to a conservation easement or a sawmill appraisal in another state. We have a reputation for performing detailed research. Naturally, this research prepares the foundation for supported analyses that are reasonable, understandable and result in an accurate opinion of value. We prepare our reports on a non-advocate basis only and make every effort to provide a reasonable opinion; however, we do not guarantee acceptance by others.

Our travel territory is generally within 1 day's drive of our office (500 miles). We also maintain a network of other appraisers who support our efforts and provide local economic data.

Frank Manzer, MAI

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