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Have you ever looked at your yarn stash and realized that you have reached SABLE status? Have you ever wanted to get rid of something, but don't want to *throw it away* but you don't know who to gift it to? This group is for people to find someone to send a RAOK to someone else (a RAOK is a Random Act of Kindness). All fiberholics are welcome... knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers, etc.

UPDATE MAY 29, 2005: The ring is currently closed to new members. We will approve people from the queue when older members drop from the list as that does happen occasinally. If you wish to join you may submit your site and you will then be put in the queue. We will approve new members in the order that they are in the queue, if they have the ring code on their blog. You must have the code on your blog in order to be approved for the ring.

1. You must have a blog and you must be an active member of the WebRing. All inactive members or members with inactive WebRing codes will be removed after 30 days.

2. If your information needs to be changed in the database, please let Lynn know and she will fix it for you. No information from this list is to be passed on to ANYONE OUTSIDE of the WebRing.

3. You must have the ring code in place on your page. It should always be on the front page of your blog so that the ring can be navigated by others.

4. The acts of kindness need not only be in fiber form. Look at the intended recipient's blog and see what their likes and dislikes are. You may also send e-cards and other web greetings. If you are sending out someting, please send something that you yourself would like to recieve. If you aren't sure, you can ask your intended giftee if they would like it. (It kind of spoils the surprise, but can save some feelings.)

5. This ring is owned by Steph and Kae.

A note from one of your ring owners:

Random Acts of Kindness… to do something nice for someone with no thought of getting something in return. Doing something nice for someone just because you *want* to.

The Fiber R.A.O.K. web ring isn’t for people to send only fiber things… anything is welcome. If you read someone’s blog and they are having a bad day, you can comment on their blog and give them a virtual hug. You can send them a free e-card. You can make their day better because they know that *Someone Cares*.

If you read a blog in the ring and you see that someone has run out of yarn and they have just *this* much left on a project, they can’t find the yarn anymore, and you have that yarn in your stash not being used… you could chose to send them some.

If you bought two skeins of some yarn and found out that you were allergic to it, didn’t like the way it feels when it’s knitted, or decided you plain just didn’t like it, you could choose to pass it on instead of keeping it buried in the back of your closet.

All the members of the Fiber R.A.O.K. list do is pass along a bit of happiness through the blog world. A kind thought, a gentle word, someone to listen to you vent when you need it. We aren’t trying to spend money or not spend money, it’s not about that. The Fiber R.A.O.K. ring is simply about spreading warmth.

I have benefited from acts of kindness before. When I was going through a divorce, one woman sent me a poem that gave me the strength to keep moving. When I lost my raw fleece stash, someone sent me a fleece. When my lovely dog ate some of my dyes, someone sent me hers because she had found that she didn’t like dyeing. While I was desperately short money and couldn’t buy a single skein of yarn in over three months, someone offered to trade me my time (dyeing something for her) for sock yarn.

I don’t forget *any* of these acts, even the ones not listed here, because *every time someone said “Hang in there”, every time someone offered me a virtual shoulder, it helped my spirit.* How can I not pass this forward? How can I not offer the same thing to others that has been offered to me? I can’t. Even if the Fiber R.A.O.K. list didn’t exist, I would still try to brighten someone’s day, even if it only lasts a moment for that person. That moment is worth more money than my house could hold.

Many hugs to every single one of you,


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Once you have joined the webring, and placed the code on your blog you will be approved and sent an invitation to the yahoo group. You will not recieve an invitation to the yahoo group until your blog has been approved for the ring.

You have to be a member of the yahoo group because the database of member information is stored there.


If you want to snag one of the buttons below, we're thrilled, but you must save it to your own server. However, you do not have to use a button; if you choose not to, you should delete this part of the code when you paste it into your site: "<img src=..........................gif" . (or .jpg)

If you would like to design another button for the ring...feel free and be sure to let us know if we have permission to share it here.


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Kindness Defined and or Explained
by Chuck Wall, Ph.D.

An act that positively influences the life of both the giver and the receiver is a kindness. It doesn't have to cost money or be difficult to perform. It can be spontaneous (random) or premeditated. It can be as simple as a smile or a thank you, and as complicated as starting a non-profit organization to benefit those in need.

Kindness has four working parts: dignity, respect, compassion, and humility, If you have all of these things for yourself, then you will be able to share them with others. If we reach out with dignity, respect, compassion, and humility, we are likely to feel it being returned.

Actively seeking out opportunities to assist others will naturally bring a certain amount of warmth and feeling of self-worth to each of us. It feels good to help others and others feel good knowing someone wants them to help.

"Consideration" and "helpful" are words often used to describe a kind deed.

Kindness is what you define it as, rather than what someone else thinks you should believe it is.

I suggest all people actively attempt to live by my phrase, "Today I will commit one random act of senseless kindness. Will You?"



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