Welcome to the home of the TexasKnitters webring.

A few house rules:

1. You need to have a knitting blog and live in Texas.

2. The ring code must be visible from the page where your blog is. The point of a web ring is to have a back and a forward button,so people can surf through all the Texas Knit Bloggers, that's why it's called a "ring", get it? If your blog doesn't display the code, you'll be deleted from the ring.

3. Once you are accepted, you have a week to get the code up and running on your site. After a week, you will be deleted and you will have to submit again.

6. Ringsurf will send you an email with your information for belonging to the ring. Save it, because if you need to change your web address/info, etc, You will need this info to sign in.

7. The ringowner(s) have the right to deny membership to any blog. We particularly will not admit blogs that regularly "flame" other blogs.

8. If you want to snag one of the buttons below we're thrilled, but you must save it to your own server. However, you do not have to use a button; if you choose not to, you should delete this part of the code when you paste it into your site: "<img src=..........................gif" . (or .jpg)

To join the webring click here. To view a list of sites in the webring click here



If you would like to design another button for the ring...feel free and be sure to let us know if we have permission to share it here.